Klerat Wax

A high acceptance and a powerful active ingredient combine for superior rodent control. Active ingredient Brodifacoum

Product Price P3,888.00

Product Description

Mode of action: This active ingredient is an anticoagulant. This means that Klerat®, when ingested, reduces the clotting ability of the blood. Modern anticoagulants such as brodifacoum can kill after a single feeding, while warfarin and some other, older anticoagulant materials require multiple feedings.

Targets: For effective control of mice and rats. Kills warfarin-resistant rats and mice.

Location for use: Animal Housing, Commercial Pest Control, Government Contract Pest Control, Perimeter Pest Control, Public Health, Residential Pest Control, Rodent Control in crops such as oil palm, cocoa, sugarcane, banana, coconut

Main customer benefits:

Palatable and durable formulations, well accepted by rodents, resulting in no bait shyness Even control rats and mice resistant to other older rodenticides Labelled in many countries for use within and around agricultural buildings Contains BITREX®, which is a human taste deterrent in order to deter accidental consumption