Cockroach Control Programs

Taking an integrated pest management approach is important to ensure successful long term control
of cockroaches.

The following steps should be followed in an integrated pest management program:

1. Inspection
2. Identification
3. Recommendation
4. Treatment
5. Evaluation
Such a program should incorporate effective non-chemical and chemical control methods that best fit
the environment where cockroach control is required.
Typical non-chemical measures that should be adopted include improving sanitation, eliminating
moisture, reducing clutter, sealing cracks and crevices, storing food in closed containers, and removing
food scraps.

As far as cockroach treatments are concerned, cockroach baits have become the number one choice
for professionals in controlling cockroaches. This is because good quality baits can achieve a very
high level of cockroach control, with the minimum amount of product, causing the least amount of

Cockroaches pose a serious threat to human health. They emit allergens that
worsen asthma symptoms and transmit disease pathogens that cause diarrhea,
typhoid fever, dysentery, and food poisoning, among other ailments.
Cockroaches are also loathed by most people and invoke a stigma that creates
the perception that infested homes or businesses are dirty and disgusting. This
reputation can have a devastating effect on a restaurant owner’s business, an
apartment manager’s occupancy rate, and a homeowner’s self esteem.

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