Think Like a Termite to Become an Expert

Over the years, we have been taught to “think like the pest” we are trying to control. Termite control, on the other hand, is simple, right? We dig a trench around the outside and inside foundation walls, then flood them with liquid termiticide. We drill holes in the block and slabs, and flood those holes with termiticide also.
The key to effective termite control is to put on the ol’ termite antennae and think like a termite. Look for the moisture under bathtubs or kitchen sinks, or the puddled water where the air conditioning drip pan leaks into the crawlspace or the attic. These are the places where the termites can bivouac (camp out) and don’t have to go back through the treated soil. This is that secondary infestation that continues to swarm and damage the structure.
Thinking like a termite is the best way to become a true termite expert. Walking up to a termite-infested house and “running your antennae” in, under and around the house will help you correct problems others can’t, making you a termite expert in your market.

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