Mosquito Control Treatment

What We Can Do

Cat’s Eye King International Inc. takes a holistic approach to mosquito control. Using our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) mosquito control systems, we focus not only on the immediate reduction of mosquitoes in and around your home, but also on preventing mosquito infestation from recurring. We perform the following services with our IPM strategy:

  • Determine threat level, use targeted control methods to treat mosquitoes, and reduce mosquito-prone habitats and conditions where mosquitoes thrive.
  • Use low-dose pesticide treatments to kill adult mosquitoes.
  • Treat water sources with biorational (based on natural ingredients) chemicals to eradicate mosquito larva.

What You Can Do

In order to minimize contact with mosquitoes and their inevitable biting attacks.

  • Dusk and Dawn — Avoid going outside or spending prolonged periods outside during dusk or dawn, when mosquitoes are at their most active.
  • Drain — Drain any areas where water pools and becomes stagnant. Forgotten dog water bowls, fish ponds, potted plants, old tires, obstructed rain gutters, kiddie pools, untended swimming pools, and the like are prime targets. Search out and destroy any areas that encourages mosquitoes to breed.
  • DEET — When you have to be outside, use DEET-based insect repellent on clothing and exposed skin to prevent mosquitoes from landing and biting.
  • Dress — Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants and cover up for maximum protection when outside.

The Insidious Mosquito

The biggest problem with mosquitoes in Metro Manila area is the possible transmission of the potentially deadly Dengue Virus. Reducing mosquito-related health risks is a job Cat’s Eye King International Inc. takes very seriously.  Implementing our IPM mosquito control systems is highly effective and brings homeowners well-deserved peace of mind.

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