Fly Infestation

Fly infestation is no laughing matter — not only are they irritating, they can also be dangerous. Flies can transfer all kinds of bacteria throughout your home, potentially infecting the food you eat and more.

After a thorough inspection of your home, our exterminators can find fly entryways and breeding grounds and offer a solution to fix them, which includes insecticide.

Tips to Help You Control Flies After Treatments

To keep flies from returning after we’ve visited your Eastern NC home, continue to:

  • Manage Waste Properly – If you throw away leftover food and scraps from dinner, and leave them in your kitchen trash can for days, flies will gravitate to this area, causing further problems. Utilize your garbage disposal whenever possible, or simply tightly close all trash bags and place them in the outdoor trash can.
  • Sanitize Garbage Areas – Keeping garbage cans and areas closed up tight and clean will prevent flies from making a home in or around them. Also, be sure to pay close attention to your recycling bin, too. Flies love all the empty containers that still have remnants of soda, beer and more.
  • Fix Areas Around Doors & Windows – Flies can’t make their way inside without a path, and while a few flies entering the home is inevitable, it is possible to control their entry by repairing busted window screens and door gaps.
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